Benefits and Risks of Dietary Supplements

Though many doctors prefer getting all the nutrients you need from food, some people still take some dietary supplements to make sure that none of the vitamins and minerals needed by the body is lacking or inadequate. Benefits of taking dietary supplements regularly:

1. Taking dietary supplements regularly would avoid you from experiencing any deficiencies when it comes to the essential nutrients in the body. This is very important, especially for those with illnesses or those recovering from them.  

2. Dietary supplements help in building a healthier lifestyle. People, even without any serious illnesses, would stay healthier by taking certain kinds of dietary supplements. Some products can improve the overall health and boost good eating habits.

3. Most dietary supplements are natural and safe to take. Pregnant women even prefer dietary supplements on top of their food regime to ensure that they would get all the nutrients they need for them and their unborn children. They can even help in promoting natural birth and prevent birth defects on the child.

4. Dietary supplements can help prevent certain diseases. There are some supplements that, when taken regularly, would help you avoid unwanted virus, deficiencies, infections and more.

The risk of chronic disease can even be reduced by taking certain dietary supplements and eating the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. (You could see on this page some recommended dietary supplements.)

Risks of taking dietary supplements:

1. Some nutrients, when taken in very high doses, can be harmful to the body. Damage to the kidney could happen if you take high doses of vitamin D regularly.

2. The Food and Drug Administration does not regulate dietary supplements. Some cheap and untrusted manufacturers might put some ingredients in their products that are not listed on the label. Sometimes, the ones listed might not even be included in the product.

3. It is still important to ask your doctor about it before taking any supplement. You might have sensitivities on specific ingredients or nutrients. Or, they could contradict some medication you are currently on.